Monday, 23 November 2009


Started thinking about ideas related to the theme of food. Kept a food diary for a day and made a mind map of all the things I could think about to do with food...
First idea-Food and religion-the traditional foods associated with different faiths. OR which I think is better-miracle food-the food people discover that in some way shape or form resembles a religious figure. I found looking at this really amusing and thought some quite funny work could come out of this idea. Thought about searching for miracle crisps etc. for myself but thought better option would be carving or burning food myself.
Tried carving an apple, turns out I am not a skilled carver. Thought about other ways of changing the appearance of the food so it looked like religious figures...

A Cheeto resembling Jesus dubbed "Cheesus Christ"

Jesus found hidden in a grape in the USA.

Fred Whan of Ontario keeps this special fish stick in the freezer. Cooked in 2003, Whan couldn't help but notice this particular fish stick had a distinct image burned into it. He later realized it was Jesus.

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