Thursday, 15 October 2009

Sweded Movie...

My group were given the film 'Edward Scissor Hands' to make a 'Sweded' version of. We decided to use puppets rather than real people for the characters which we thought would give it more of a 'homemade' feel. For puppets we used gloves decorated to look like each character. We also made sets using card, paper and paint of the house and the castle where most of the events in the film happen.

Before we could write a script, we had to decide on the most important bits of the film since we could only include a few scenes. (We were only allowed to make the video two minutes long.)

Then we wrote a script using various snippets from the real film script and some of our own improvisation : ) . We taped the soundtrack to the film so we could play it at different times during our video.

We took turns at filming and each played one or two characters. I played the part of Jim, Winona Ryder's evil boyfriend, which basically involved shouting angrily and fighting with the Edward puppet until I met my dramatic end by falling from the roof of the castle : ) .

Anthony Micheal Hall as Jim in Edward Scissor hands...
... Jim the puppet-the resemblance is uncanny...

Jim being angry.

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