Friday, 10 December 2010

The Walls Are Talking- exhibition.

I visited this exhibition at the Whitworth and wrote a review which is included in my journal.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

More Magnet Men...

I have now imagined that these Magnet Men have infiltrated the media, and have started using collage to place my magnet men onto magazine ads and pictures to represent this idea.

I was inspired to 'edit' magazine images in this way by this sketch onto a poster of a pin-up girl by Picasso.

'Jaime Sabartes with a Pin-up' Pablo Picasso, 1957.

I like this image (above) in particular because I think it looks as if my additions are really part of the advertisement.

Developing this process, I have created a set of three, more complex images, using drawing and collage. In these images, I wanted to depict the sinister nature of my characters, the idea of them creeping up behind you and changing you without your consent. I chose to use pictures of models from fashion magazines because I think they have a more striking effect than an ordinary photograph, and also because fashion and fashion advertising, have a way of changing and slowly transforming how people look and how people feel about themselves.

With this image, I wanted it to be about choosing the right image, so that what's happening is obvious right away. I wanted to express the feeling that wherever you turn for help, this sinister force will be there too.

In the image below, I wanted to show a magnet man merged with a human, and increase their sinister vibe by choosing a picture of a model that looked timid, with an intimidating gang of creatures just behind her, and already taking over. I chose to keep the same colour palette I used for the magnet man, as if they had already transformed their surroundings

In this image I tried to create the feel of things lurking in the shadows, without actually using much shading, as I wanted the image to be clear and simple.

I will use these images to create a final series of collage images on Photoshop, layering other drawings or material and possibly text,to make the images more complex and interesting.