Thursday, 15 October 2009


My group was given the theme of the artist Rachel Whiteread for our party. Rachel Whiteread uses negative space in lots of her work as well as a monochrome palette, so we decided to use these aspects for our party.

To mimic the white boxes she used in 'Embankment' we stacked tables and covered them with white sheets to make a large cube that filled almost all of the space. The fact that the cube had space inside it that was not accessible connected to the idea of negative space and gave an air of mystery around what was inside the cube, which is what Whiteread said she was trying to achieve by using the shape of cardboard boxes in 'Embankment'.

We also taped black balloons onto the walls around the cube because they increased the idea of a lack of space, while still having space inside them that was not accessible. They are also associated with parties. Rachel Whiteread often uses plaster casts of objects in her work so we painted cups, bottles, straws and plates white so they looked like casts of things you would see at a party.

I thought it would be good to use sugar cubes for food since they would look like the white boxes in 'Embankment' but unfortunately we couldn't find any, so we used white and dark chocolate instead, which was in keeping with the monochrome theme. For invitations, we cut squares of white card and left them blank.
('Embankment' by Rachel Whiteread.)

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