Monday, 23 November 2009

The Last Supper...

Thinking about food and religion together brought to my mind the idea of The Last Supper image by da Vinci but made from food. However, I was pretty sure that someone else had probably already had this idea so I looked around for one and found this one made from biscuits by photographer Tom Altany.
'The Last Snack'

I like this image because it's amusing and cute but also accurate as it mirrors the positions and actions of the disciples at the table really closely. I thought about doing something similar involving vegetables or something...

'The Last Supper' Leonardo da Vinci.

As an iconic image, The Last Supper has been repeated, recreated and changed to represent the ideas, parodies and messages of many people. I had a look at some of the ways it had been used to get some ideas...

Sopranos Last Supper-Photographer Annie Leibowitz 1999
Scene from The Simpsons echoing The Last Supper
with Homer as the Christ figure.
Lego Last Supper
Animal Protection advert carrying the slogan:
“One of you betrays us 150,000 times every year.”
Scene from the film Watchmen imitating The Last Supper.
Last Supper copy done on an Etchasketch by Kevin E. Davis.
David LaChapelle's Last Supper-from his 'Jesus is my homeboy'
series used as an illustration in I-D magazine in 2003.

Last Supper mimicking the famous Ipod ads.

Action Figure Last Supper

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