Saturday, 2 January 2010

Photos of objects...

In order to make a graphic outcome with many layered images and lots of different elements I first need to collect images. I already have the photographs of the pages of the chemistry book but I thought it would be good to include some photographs of actual objects and/or people. I searched for found objects which were aesthetically pleasing or thought provoking, or just had something interesting about them,nice colours,strange shape etc. I have now photographed these objects and mean to use them as part of my graphic outcome. I also photographed things like patterns on clothes, collections of feathers, collections of jewellery,the inside of a lamp etc. just to build up a sort of image bank of textures, colours and patterns. I also included a few images from the Internet such as some photographs of The Hill of Crosses in Lithuania which has been a a really big inspiration in my work but which,having not yet been to Lithuania, I own no photos of myself.

Elephant ornament from India.

Padlock box found around the house.

Collection of feathers.

Flying duck wall ornament.

(Birds feature a lot in my work at the moment)

Rocking horse Christmas tree decoration.

Image of The Hill of Crosses in Lithuania.

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