Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Other graphic outcomes...

Using the image of the two merged photos of me and a page from the chemistry book combined as a starting point, and later including the photos of objects,other drawings etc. I have begun to create a sequence of images using Photoshop, that develop as the sequence progresses. I feel that the images tell a story without words (or only using the few incorporated in them) and see them as a narrative with the subject of a dream, centering around the shape of a circle, which changes and morphs into other things-(a mans eye, a sun etc.) or is the background for different things but is always there. The sequence is supposed to be like a dream, which may start with one element of real life (the circle) and then change into many other different ideas or fantasies. I used rich color to enhance the feeling of a dream-like or hallucinogenic state.
I may add more words and framed images on top of the sequence later so that they become pages of a graphic novel but first I have to write a story.
A few of the images...

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