Friday, 15 October 2010

Shelter-final result...

Images of the finished bus stop and the process of decorating:

I think the finished shelter looks effective, and we managed to create what we set out to, despite various obstacles along the way. However, I think the overall look could be improved as it isn't very polished-it looks like it has been stuck up at night.

The feedback we got said that we had a good audience around the stop, so we achieved the entertainment value we wanted, but that we could have presented the work better in the studio. I think some unintended ideas were picked up on by people, and some saw it as a fairly obvious concept, but although it was, it was just intended to make people smile, and allow us to explore and experiment with our environment.

I feel this would be a great project to develop and we have agreed to continue decorating different bus stops around different themes in the near future.

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