Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Hair continued...

I have also become interested in the theme of preservation, which I think connects to hair-especially in the context of mourning and mementos.

I have started to think about the themes of hair and preservation using spider diagrams and lists.

I have used my own hair to try out hair drawing, starting off with a basic flower design.

I have also created three 'deformed' wax candles using crushed coke cans as moulds, which contain hair collected from the plughole of my bath, which can be seen, preserved within the wax.

Although I like the idea of using hair and enjoyed making these tests, I don't think the outcomes were particularly interesting, and I'm not sure how to take this idea further, so I have decided to move on to a different project, and maybe come back to this idea at a later stage if I can think of a way to bring it forward.

My hair drawing and design for the hair candles:

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