Saturday, 24 July 2010

Summer project- continued.

While on my bus journeys I sketched down various observations I made such as writing down fragments from conversations I overheard, copying the graffiti on the seats or drawing people's clothes and faces.

I decided to work with my sketches of fellow passengers' faces as I thought these were the strongest part of my observations.

The brief for this project specifies that the final piece should be wearable, so I have created a charm bracelet, made from embroidery thread in the three colours of the bus routes. The heads of the passengers are the charms, which I have copied onto different coloured paper for a more bright and eye catching look. I think the fragility of the bracelet works well with the idea of human relationships and helps me explore the idea of how every passer by you don't even think about, could have been, or could still be, a potentially important person in your life, a soul mate, best friend, judge at a future trial, serial killer or drunk driver who happens to kill you...the possibilities are endless. But I may also never encounter my fellow passengers again.

Although I like the fragility of the bracelet, I feel that if it was made out of metal or plastic it would look more impressive, and draw more of a juxtaposition between beautiful jewellery and intricate design, and a dirty city bus and the complete chance and unpredictability of the universe.

The drawings of passengers' faces which I later attached to a bracelet made from plaited embroidery thread.

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