Friday, 14 May 2010

Scale Project

The brief for this project was to explore ideas about scale in Manchester.

After thinking about several ideas, I decided to work with the concept of a view finder. Having recently done my tree house project I also decided to link it with this.

I created a viewfinder by making a mini tree house/hut model from thick card and glue and cutting out a hole opposite the window so you could see straight through it to the other side by putting your eye to the hole. I then used images of different locations in Manchester which I sourced from magazines and city guides, as slides to hold in front of the window.

The overall effect was the experience of being inside the tiny hut, looking out onto different Manchester scenes such as Market St., the Lowry and the City of Manchester Stadium.

I think this idea worked well, and I was particularly interested in some of the photographs I took through the viewfinder, so I may experiment with this idea further in the future.

Some of the photographs I took through the viewfinder:

I like them because I think they play with the idea of scale really well and like the contrast between the brightness of the scene through the window and the surrounding darkness of the hut.

Initial sketch/design for hut:

The hut model:

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